Certification Process

Becoming certified with the Kellogg Parenting Coaching Institute is an option after taking our Introduction to Parenting Coaching weekend workshop (if you are already a parenting professional), completing a professional parenting coaching internship with Lorna Kellogg or another Kellogg Institute staff member or completing our year long Parenting Coaching Training. Anyone who has taken one of our trainings or completed a professional internship may go through the certification process. The process is rigorous, our standards are extremely high and the requirements are as follows:

Certification requirements include:

  1. 25% Completing all homework assignments given during your training
  2. 25% Completing the training or internship class hours
  3. 25% Completing 8 case studies
  4. 25% Certification Board/Certification Day

You must receive at least a 75% grade to become certified

Homework will include among other things:

  1. Reading and writing reports on a minimum of ten coaching and parenting professional books chosen by yourself and the Kellogg Institute
  2. Written assignments
  3. Self Observation Practices
  4. Writing a final essay on your training and work as a coach

Case Study work includes:

  1. Working pro bono (in exchange for their feedback) with 8 different parents/families for at least 12 weeks/sessions
  2. Completing a self evaluation form after each coaching session
  3. A Kellogg staff member will sit in on at least 8 of those sessions and provide feedback from those individual sessions
  4. At the end of each coaching program a written report is due on the coaching goals and outcomes and your assessment of what went well and why and what could have gone better and why
  5. Each parent or family will provide feedback to the Kellogg Institute on their experience of working with you and what was more or less helpful and whether the stated goals and outcomes were achieved

Certification Day

You present your work to a certification board of 3-4 parenting professionals and coaches who will review your case studies, home work, class work, final essay, professor’s review of your work and determine your certification status. This is worth 25% of your certification grade. You will receive your official certificate at the end of certification day.

It typically takes a coaching institute about five years to become certified through the International Coaching Federation. The Kellogg Coaching Institute will begin this process in 2012. Students of the Kellogg Institute can choose to be certified through the IFC in lieu of the Kellogg Institute if they prefer.

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