Coaching Internships

This professional internship program is designed for people who are interested in becoming a parenting coach but don't have all the professional, educational or life experience required. Internships are custom designed for each intern based on his or her interests, area of expertise, and level of coaching or counseling experience. Internships last between 6-12 months depending on each individual intern's needs.

Taking the Introduction to Parenting Coaching weekend workshop is advised prior to beginning an internship program.

Some of the basic inclusions in our Parenting coaching internships:

1. Basic parenting coaching training

2. Specific individual coaching on your strengths and areas for growth

3. Observation and overseeing of your initial coaching sessions

4. Support in developing your individual parenting coaching practice

Call 303-494-1107 begin_of_the_Skype_highlighting 303-494-1107 end_of_the_Skype_highlighting or send us an email here for more information.

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