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The Kellogg Parenting Coaching Institute offers several types of trainings for professionals interested in becoming a Certified Professional Parenting Coach including weekend workshops, year-long courses and professional internships.

Next Dates & Locations for Introduction to Parenting Coaching Weekend Workshop

Boulder, CO January 24-25 2015

Martha's Vineyard; Vineyard Haven, MA June 27-28 2015

This weekend workshop covers all of the basics of becoming a parenting coach and/or expanding one’s skills and strengths as a parenting coach with an existing practice. It is designed to develop foundational coaching skills using the Kellogg Method, assess your strengths and areas for growth, and, for aspiring coaches, provide enough information about becoming a parenting coach to be able to decide if this is a professional path you wish to follow.

Our unique Parenting Coaching Workshop is:

1. Personal, designed to provide individual learning experiences for each participant

2. Designed to be a graduate level, rigorous educational program for professionals who want to develop or expand their parenting coaching skills

3. Small, we keep our workshops intentionally small and have limited enrollment. This way we are able to design each weekend workshop to specifically meet the needs of the individual participants based on their previous experience and education.

4. A fun, hands on training experience

Who would benefit from taking this workshop?

1. Parenting coaches

2. Prospective parenting coaches

3. Therapists and counselors

4. Independent child development experts and consultants

5. Teachers, school administrators and directors

6. Anyone wanting to work with parents and children

7. Anyone considering taking our year long Parenting Coaching Certification Program

8. Parents!


The workshop includes:

1. Understanding basic parenting coaching principals:

a. What is coaching? (Coaching is not therapy, teaching or telling clients what to do)

b. How to develop trusting relationships with your clients (parents are a special type of client)

c. How to elicit your client’s inherent wisdom and instincts (coaching is not advising and is not about the coach)

d. Supporting parents in realizing their strengths and developing new skills

e. Helping parents become self-correcting and self-generating in their future parenting habits after their coaching sessions are over


2. The A B C’s of becoming a skillful coach, essential elements & practices

a. Self evaluation and professional feedback on existing strengths and areas for growth

b. The five essential coaching qualities (going deep), deep inquiry, deep presence, deep listening, deep summoning and deep responding

c. Learning Skillful Means practice, how to draw simply and skillfully from your own wisdom and body of knowledge

d. Learning to ask the right questions and make meaningful inquiries

e. Intuition, honing your coach’s intuition and ability to respond skillfully to your gut instincts as a coach

f. Distinctions, understanding using powerful distinctions as a core tool

g. Physical practice, developing a coach’s “body”, how to be still enough to listen deeply to what your clients are really saying, what’s going on underneath?

h. How to foster a feeling of respect and trust with the parents you coach

i. How to observe and recognize coaching opportunities, when clients are or are not open for coaching

j. Designing self-observation and other practices for parents

k. Developing your own coaching and parenting practices

l. Developing an intake form that asks the right questions

m. How to avoid common coaching mistakes

n. Understanding current parenting culture and the dynamics and issues that arise as a result of the changes society has gone through in the last 25 years

o. “You’re doing great” and “I’m doing the best that I can” theory

p. Communication, interacting (and interrupting!) skillfully

q. Approach and attitude, how to remain positive and offer parents hope and an effective solution

r. Learning effective self evaluation skills for after every coaching session

s. Staying on top of research, how to provide fact-based information to your clients

t. Proper use of anecdotal advice

u. Understanding the basics of child development

v. Brain development, understanding the basics and how it impacts your clients

w. Motivating and setting your clients up for success

x. Understanding the basics of human development, how does a parent’s age and phase of life affect their parenting?

y. Religious and cultural impacts on the parenting coaching process

z. Everything else! (The specifics of your coaching questions and concerns)

3. Choosing or expanding your area of expertise, where is your inherent wisdom and areas of interests? What aspects of building your practice have you not considered?

4. Understanding the Parenting Coaching Market, unmet needs and opportunities, how can I be more successful as a parenting coach?

5. The opportunity to explore the possibility of finding coaching clients through and other coaching opportunities.

The Kellogg Parenting Coaching Institute trainings were developed and designed by Lorna Kellogg over the course of her twenty plus years of experience in parenting coaching. She has coached educators and legislators on issues related to early childhood education and child development and worked with thousands of parents. Between 1994 and 2001 over 300 teachers and early childhood educators went through her teacher training and/or intern program at the Kellogg Child Development Center which was used as the case study for high quality early care and education in the United Sates by the American Academy of Political and Social Science (this project ended in 2001). The Kellogg Teacher Training Method emerged from this era of coaching teachers and parents. The Kellogg Method is (academic) research based with a strong emphasis on utilizing one's intuition in a logical, skillful way.  Woven into the trainings are Lorna's expertise, practical experience, deep knowledge and education from some of the top coaching institutes in the country.

“Children aren’t the only ones who grow, parents do too” ~Lorna Kellogg

Workshop Information:

Each weekend workshop classes are held Saturday 9am-5pm & Sunday 9am-4pm

Where: Location of classroom in each city follows with registration or call 303-494-1107 for more information

Cost: $399 Early bird discount for students registering by December 15th (Colorado training Jan 24-25) and by March 15th (Martha's Vineyard training June 27-28) or $499 for non-early bird registrants. Ask about scholarship availability for tuition assistance. Tuition does not include housing, accommodations discounts are available, please inquire.

Contact: Kellogg & Associates for more information:

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Colorado Offices: 303-494-1107

California Offices: 707-490-7212

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