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Why can business leaders expect cutting edge executive coaching services from Kellogg and Associates?

Principal Lorna Kellogg’s history of innovative entrepreneurial leadership, background in human and organizational development and extraordinary intuition position her powerfully to offer business leaders high level executive coaching services. The coach consultants who work with Kellogg and Associates adhere to the same high standards and level of service.

Executives working with Kellogg and Associates get results rapidly. Initial assessments, planning, implementation and completion phases of our coaching programs are done with the expedience required by top executives who need to see results fast.

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How it Works:


We are a small, boutique coaching firm and only work with a small, select group of clients each year so that we can provide a level of service that is difficult for other coaching firms to match. Our clients develop long term relationships with us, returning periodically to fine tune their skills and advance their careers. Integrity is the basis of our relationships with our clients and the foundation upon which we have built Kellogg and Associates.

During our initial meeting we assess whether a coaching relationship with Kellogg and Associates is the right fit to meet your particular needs. The coach client relationship can be one of the most important in your life and we are careful to make sure it is a win-win in every respect or we help you find a coach even better suited to work with you.


The assessment process is both efficient and thorough. It is critical for both you and us to understand clearly where your strengths and leadership challenges lie. The goals and objectives you bring to this work will be exponentially more easily met if we assess accurately from the start.

Accordingly, we use a wide variety of assessment tools, interviews and methodologies. We ask the subtle questions that are often overlooked. We appraise not only intellectual and professional strengths and challenges but how deeply our clients have integrated their personal goals with their jobs.

Coaching Program

We do not use a boiler plate methodology. Each coaching program is unique. Goals, objectives and a timeline are discussed, clarified and agreed upon. A clear vision is our starting point. The coaching program includes not only a plan of action but a plan of support as well. We ask tough questions and support our clients to achieve the goals they set for themselves. We encourage our clients to have goals that are challenging and meaningful. Our sole focus is your success.

Capabilities are grown and developed in a sustainable way. Blind spots are examined and illuminated, transforming them gracefully into assets. Results are tracked systematically and the coaching program evolves as necessary to reach goals expediently and maximize our work together.

Finally results are assessed and potential future stumbling blocks addressed. You can expect to:

  1. Have a dramatically new understanding of yourself and how you instinctively operate.
  2. Have a clear understanding of how to work with your strengths as well as areas that are more challenging.
  3. Have a fine-tuned set of leadership skills.
  4. Have a new passion for and appreciation of yourself and your work.


Executive Coaching

Individual coaching programs for executives seeking to advance, fine tune or transition with their careers.

Nonprofit Management Consulting

Nonprofit management, including assisting nonprofit executives in such areas as:

  • fund development
  • board development
  • capability building
  • growth and organizational development
  • budget/finance for nonprofits
  • managing volunteers skillfully

Trainings and workshops

Trainings and workshops are designed individually for each team or company. Topics include management, effective mentoring, evaluating performance, effective communication and problem solving, team building and group facilitation.

Talks and Keynotes Speeches

Lorna Kellogg is a dynamic, powerful, compelling and engaging speaker. Talks are designed individually for each group or situation.

Sample keynotes/talks include:

  • Global Change: Adapting your leadership skills and style in times of rapid corporate cultural change.
  • Capability Building: How to grow yourself as a leader in a rapidly changing business climate
  • Achieving Your Professional Goals: How to achieve your professional goals, get results fast and have fun doing it.
  • Generation X and Y: How Executives can skillfully work with a generation who plays by different rules
  • Finding Joy at Work: How to cure burnout and find meaning in your work
  • Credentials
  • Kellogg and Associates is a small group of highly educated and experienced coaches who have over 150 years of combined experience in the field of Executive Coaching and Leadership and Human Development.
  • Our principal, Lorna Kellogg, is an entrepreneur and nationally acclaimed Executive Coach in business for over twenty years. She holds degrees and certificates in Diplomacy, Human Development, Organizational development, counseling and coaching. Her original coaching certification is through New Ventures West, one of the top coaching institutes in the world. She has studied at over 15 institutes internationally and continues to expand her skills and areas of study each year.
  • She has extensive experience starting corporations, leading corporations, and coaching leaders working in and running corporations. She has an in depth knowledge of global change, speaks several languages and lived in Eastern Europe in the late 1980’s during the end of the cold war and one of the largest times of upheaval in the international business community ever.
  • She is well prepared to coach executives and their businesses through immense uncharted territory and change. Helping leaders navigate transition gracefully is one of her special strengths.
  • She has been a student of Vipassana Buddhism for twenty years and brings deep compassion, calm and mindfulness to her work with her clients. Her standards for herself and her associates are exceptionally high and always growing.

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