The Kellogg Coaching Institute

The Kellogg Coaching Institute was founded in 2009 when Lorna Kellogg began formally training coaches using her unique coaching methodology developed over two decades of working with thousands of clients. The institute offers individual coaching and consulting programs with founder Lorna Kellogg and other nationally known coaches working in the fields of business, executive, life, career, education and parenting coaching. To schedule an appointment with Lorna click here:

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Coaching training programs are currently offered in the rapidly growing field of parenting coaching. These highly unique and powerful training programs were developed and refined by Lorna Kellogg over twenty years of coaching parents, teachers and child development experts. For more information about parenting coaching course click HERE. We also have a growing speaker’s bureau and consulting program, for more information on hiring a speaker click HERE.

Lorna Kellogg

Lorna Kellogg grew up in two dramatically different places, Fairfield County, Connecticut and Tulare County, California. After her parents divorced at age two, she flew back and forth between one of the wealthiest communities in the United States and one of the poorest. She learned to manage difficult transitions gracefully and also that rich and poor alike, there were not many essential differences between people in large cities or rural communities. The matters of the human heart are generally the same, all most people want is to have meaningful lives and be understood, loved and appreciated for who we are.

As a teenager she worked, traveled and won scholarships to study overseas. For four years she traversed the globe, studying languages, culture, diplomacy and both child and human development. One of the most interesting things she observed was that often people living more simple lives, especially in developing countries, were much happier than the people she’d met and lived with in wealthier countries. Upon her return to the US, she was inspired to achieve that balance and sense of contentment. She completed her undergraduate studies with a degree in diplomacy at C.U. Boulder in Colorado and began working with young children and their parents in the field of early childhood education. The child development program and teacher training programs she designed became known nationally and were used as the case study for high quality early child hood education in the U.S. by the American Academy of Political and Social Science (PDF here).

In her thirties she studied human development and organizational development, taking classes at many different schools and institutes, everywhere from Harvard to the Nierika Institute. She was certified as a professional coach through the rigorous and renowned coaching institute New Ventures West.

Lorna has been coaching people, helping them achieve their goals and dreams for over twenty years. She is the mother of one exceptional little boy and divides her time between Boulder, Colorado, Sonoma County, California and Martha’s Vineyard, MA.

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