Trainings for teachers & educators

Coaching and training programs for teachers and educators are individually designed based on the client's needs and interests.  Offerings include:

1. Individual coaching for teachers and educators

2. Group coaching and classes

3. Keynote talks

4. Continuing Education workshops

5. Support for principals and directors (organizational development, fund-raising & endowment work, community building, communication with parents and teachers etc)

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Here is a copy of the article about the Kellogg Child Development Center which was published in the Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science:

The Kellogg Child Development Center:

High-Quality Child Care


ABSTRACT: After a 10-year, hands-on study of high-quality child care both in the United States and abroad, Lorna Kellogg founded a child care program intended to be a model for high standards in the field. The Kellogg Child Development Center of Boulder, Colorado, in less than four years of operation, has become renowned for its deceptively simple solutions to some of the largest problems that plague child care centers in general. This success has enabled the center to begin actively pursuing the second half of its mission, to improve the quality of care provided in child care centers everywhere. It is Lorna Kellogg’s firm belief that it is absolutely possible for every child growing up outside of his or her home to have high-quality, affordable child care.


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