Post- Children Relationship Counseling

"Baby Makes Three", How to Have a Happy, Fulfilling Marriage after the Joyful (but ever-so-slightly stressful!) Arrival of Your Children

Most of us are surprised, if not shocked, by how having children impacts our marriages and relationships. We love our children but the unexpected little stresses that having children adds to our lives can wreak havoc with our relationships. Proactively addressing these issues can shift our relationships from hanging by a thread to bursting with joy.

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Working with a Kellogg Coach will help you:

  • Learn what decades of research shows leads to happy marriages and how to have one!
  • Learn how to balance the needs of your children with your needs individually and as a couple
  • Learn how to prevent your marriage from feeling transactional or like one of you is the "manager"
  • Learn the 3 categories of problems in relationships and how to address them easily and end the cycle of arguing
  • Decide what you want your relationship to look like in one year, in five years, in ten years and in twenty years. Define your goals!
  • Design a realistic strategy for achieving that vision of a happy, healthy family life
  • Learn how to have expectations that support the well-being of your relationship
  • Learn that what you are experiencing is common, people just don’t talk about it which makes us feel isolated and like there’s something wrong with us as parents or as a couple, there’s not!
  • Understand the impact your family of origin has on your relationship
  • Understand how the differences between the male and female brain can cause strife and learn to prevent it
  • Explore traditional male/female roles and decide how they may be at play subconsciously in your family life
  • How to have a happy sex life when it’s the last (or foremost!) thing on your mind!
  • The role self-care plays in happy relationships
  • Experiment with Simplicity Parenting and the relaxed home environments it produces
  • The story of the couple who called the United Nations Peacekeeper in and the crucial lesson he taught them!

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